Kate Dean - medium based in Burgess Hill, West Sussex.

Welcome to Kate Dean Mediumship

Due to other commitments I am sorry that I am currently unable to take any bookings for readings or healing.


I am a medium that operates in the Burgess Hill area of West Sussex, South East England.

I am also a healing practitioner and perform meditation workshops at my home, which people are welcome to join in with.




I am a certificated medium who works with the highest intent, compassion and honesty. To work with Spirit and angels is a great honour and I feel truly blessed to be able to do this. People have readings to feel connected to their loved ones that they are missing and also to be guided. With my readings I like to feel I achieve this, but I also like to be able to help the person who is having the reading gain strength within themselves and to help them move forward in their own life.

Within the readings I work with spirit and angels in many different ways, automatic writing, just by communicating with them and cards. The cards I use are angel cards, psycards (similar to tarot, but I prefer them) and self-mastery cards. This can be at the start, middle or end of the reading, again it is different for everybody.

I adapt the reading to suit the person who is in front of me and by listening to how spirit and angels are guiding me. No two readings will be the same, and this is how it should be. Some people I have found work by visually seeing the messages and others may just need to hear them.

The reading lasts approximately 45/60 minutes for £35.00, if the reading runs over for any reason (sometimes it does, depending on what is going on in people’s lives) I do not charge any more.

The readings are conducted in a safe, peaceful and calm environment, by a pre-arranged booking. Additionally I now carry out online readings using Skype. Please feel free to get in touch if you are interested in having a reading. If you go to Medium page within the My Work section you will see some examples of automatic writing.


Since I started out with my holistic work back in 2010 I have always been interested in healing.

As I have progressed over the years with my Mediumship, chakra readings and meditation the next obvious step for me was healing.

I am a certificated healer and a full member with the NFSH healing trust. I attended a two year training course which involved many hours of healing. The NFSH (The National Federation of Spiritual Healers) has been established since 1954. If you want to find out more about the NFSH and what they stand for please visit: www.thehealingtrust.org.uk

Over the two years I had the pleasure of meeting and healing a wide range of people.

Within the two years of my training I started to see a big difference with myself and others I was healing. Especially on an emotional level. Some people I had the pleasure to meet were having healing due to stress and anxiety, after the healing they felt they could cope with life more. With the pressures of work and everyday life, healing is a good way to stay balanced, calm and feel like you are more in control with situations. Healing can really help with your wellbeing on all levels.

If you would like to know more about healing, then please see the Healing page within My Work section.

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Skype Readings Now Available.

Click on the My Work\Skype Readings tab for more details.




When you come to me for a reading, the information given to me by spirit is for guidance only and not prediction based.

Through the reading I will guide you with the information given to me by spirit, but this will not be advice from myself.

During my readings, I like to give you this information to empower you so you can take control of your own life, move forward with confidence, and in doing this you can turn to yourself for guidance.

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