Is There Life After Death?


Well obviously I believe being a Medium/Clairvoyant :)

There is a couple of experiences which has come to mind today and I hope this gives you comfort. With what’s going on right now in the world and many people are dying, you may be wondering if there is life after death.

We had a family friend and when she was at the stage where she didn’t have long to live, I tried to visit as much as I could. She wasn’t on any medication, she was dying of old age, she was 100 years young.

I made sure a candle was lit at all times the career made sure it was lit when she was around too. I also took my oil diffuser so I could burn frankincense oil. Frankincense oil is good to burn to bring in the angelic realms and spirit. This lady lost her husband many years ago and she also had many other people on the other side. If I could help them to come and meet her I was going to use every tool I had.

About two weeks before she got to this stage in her life her sister died, she was in her nineties. My parents decided not to tell her because they thought it would be too much to take in with the way she was. I was with her the day she died and she was really fighting death, even though when she was about 94 she had had enough.

She kept saying “they are pulling me”, “my sister is here to get me” well when she said her sister was there to get her I nearly fell off my chair (even though I do what I do) In the end I said to her “it’s okay to go now, don’t be scared, your sister has come for you, It’s time now for you to be with her”, I felt there was more people around too. I just kept repeating this to her because she was scared, I could see that and I just wanted to reassure her it’s was all going to be okay. She calmed down a little after that, she kept seeing her sister. Now if that’s not prove enough that family come for you, then I don’t know what is. She didn’t know her sister had died but there she was in front of her. This lady died that night and the career said she was very peaceful.

Another experience I had was with another person who was dying and they had a certain smell to them towards the end. Apparently this can happen. When this person died the phone call came in the middle of the night. I got up after hearing the news and when I got to the end of the bed I could smell that smell. Now this was years before I started my spiritual journey as a Medium/Clairvoyant. It didn’t faze me though. I just went bye, love you thank you for coming to say goodbye. After that, the smell was around now and again, it probably lasted about six months. Smell was my first sense, this was the start of me becoming a spiritual Medium/Clairvoyant. 

We are souls experiencing a human existent. It is like our body is the transport machine for us to be here and when it’s our time the machine stays here and the soul goes back to where it came from. This is my opinion and I have come to this from the experiences I have had.

So is there life after death? Yes I think so :)