Second Sense To Becoming A Medium:


This sense was really strange, I used to just get a whispering sound in my left ear. It would make me stop what I was doing at the time and look around. I was very blasé about it and then just carried on.

One time I remember being in a public toilet in Burgess Hill with my daughter and the whisper was really loud and strong, I couldn’t make out the words because it was too fast. I just knew spirit was communicating with me but I didn’t know what they were saying and why they were communicating with me.

The whispers carried on, now and again.

When spirit communicate with me when I do readings they communicate with me by pictures in my head (knowing) and automatic writing.

Someone I knew died last year very suddenly and this person has communicated with me with the sense of hearing. They shouted my name in my left ear. There were people around me so I did ask them if they had called me but their reply was no. I knew who it was straight away (knowing). The next time it happened with the same person I could hear every word they were saying. I was meditating at the time and they decided to communicate with me then. It’s always my left ear. I love it when it happens and I hope this develops more over time with my Medium work.