First Sense To Becoming A Medium:


Like I said in my blog piece “Is There Life After Death?”, the sense of smell was my first spirit connection.

I used to smell my Nan around me a lot, it wasn’t perfume it was just her smell, we all have a smell.

Then it was the person who I spoke about before once they passed away. When this first sense began I would occasionally be in a room and would say to the people I was with “can you smell cigarette smoke?” or it would be a strong perfume, people would look at me a bit odd. I have got used to that now since I have become a Medium and offering readings one-one and through skype. Some people get it, others just think I’m odd. It’s a shame because everyone has the ability to be a Medium and do spirit work. This could be by offering readings or just working with cards for themselves. That’s how I started working with Angel cards and doing readings for myself and my family. More and more people are starting to question life and question what they experience now. People will often put it down to their imagination or just say “oh I’m just seeing things”.

Before I started spirit work I didn’t realise there were four main senses Mediums work with. Smell, Hear, sight, and knowing.

One of my first experiences with the sense of smell was when me and my family moved house in Burgess Hill. I used to occasionally smell body odder (Bo) in a certain place in the kitchen. I kept it to myself at first but it carried on, it wasn’t very pleasant. In the end I asked my husband if he could smell it. I even got him to come over to the spot I was at and have a smell. He couldn’t, I just kept repeating “it’s bo, really strong, how can you not smell that” the look he gave me was one where I felt I had lost the plot 

In the end (when I was on my own) I said to the spirit “thank you for being here but could you please move on now”. Now at this time I was not working with spirit and doing readings so I had no idea what I was doing, I just went with my knowing. After that I didn’t smell the bo, I thanked the spirit for moving on and gave them my love.