Third Sense To Becoming A Medium:


My third sense was sight. When we moved house in Burgess Hill (same house as last time) after about four years living there I used to see a little girl spirit. To begin with I thought it was one of my daughters. It used to happen when I was standing in the kitchen and to the right of me was the hall way. I would be clearing up the kitchen after I had put my daughters to bed, then out of the corner of my eye I saw a little girl with blonde her jump down the stairs. I turned and was just about to tell one of my daughters to go back to bed but no one was there. I went upstairs to check if both of them were in bed and they were.

Then it started happening in the day. I would be in the kitchen (it always seemed to happen in the kitchen) and I thought one of my daughters had come up behind me to make me jump. I used to stand there smiling then turn round and go boo. Nothing! I did feel silly. I remember my daughters coming in and asking who I had just made jump. I just replied I thought one of them was going to make me jump but it must have been the spirit girl. This didn’t trouble them because it didn’t trouble me. When the girls grow up the spirit girl didn’t seem to appear after that; I think it was around the same time we did an extension to the house.

It was years later I found out who she was, I have written about her before in my blog on page six, Angels at work.

She is my healing guide called Sarah. She sometimes shows me herself as the little girl who used to play around or an adult. She always wears white and has blonde hair. She is a very gentle spirit/Angel.