When Spirit Gave Me Comfort:


Around 2004 I was working with vulnerable young deaf adults in West Sussex and East Sussex. They needed help with everyday life. I really enjoyed the work and what it involved.

My husband was working as well and my parents looked after our daughters when he had to work late.

I remember one particular day. I was working until 7.00pm and my parents had the girls for me. I collected them about 7.30pm. I was so tired I was nearly falling asleep standing up.

My Mum noticed I looked really tired. I replied to her saying I didn't feel this job is going to work and fit in with the girls.

I was so tired I could hardly speak. 

My daughters have always been very astute and could see how tired I was. On the journey home I said I was going straight to bed as well when we get in.

I got the girls ready for bed and then flopped in my bed. I started crying because I thought if this job doesn't work out, and it wasn't, what was I going to do.

I was laying on my side facing the middle of the bed and behind me I felt someone sit on my bed. I instantly knew it was a spirit. I wasn't scared, I felt great comfort. Then I felt spirit stroke my head and with that I knew I was going to be okay and everything will work out. I thanked them and fell asleep.

This happened before I started spirit work as a medium. I didn't know who the spirit was but it didn't matter. I just KNEW the spirit was there to help me.

I gave up my job with sadness. When I did I said out loud to spirit/angles "okay what now?" a couple of days later I was walking home from town and I got a message from spirit to get the local newspaper out of the recycling bin. Back then it was a blue box with no lid. I picked out the soggy newspaper and looked in the job section. I saw an ad for a job, I phoned them up, got an interview and started a week later. I stayed there for ten years, worked with spiritual people and they helped my development to become a medium and work with spirit. They talked about stuff I hadn't even thought about and opened my eyes to many different things.

So remember spirit/angles are always around and if you allow them and don't go into fear it all works out in the end.

The job with the deaf young adults in Sussex was just a stepping stone to the next place I needed to be. Sometimes you could be in at a place for a short time or a long time.

Trust and it will flow

Fear and it will slow

Love and light ♥️ x