Walking To Recharge


kate dean medium spiritual tree with climbing vine   kate dean medium in woods   

With my work, be it Readings or Healing, I need time to recharge; and for me my favourite way is walking. I had an hour to spare today so I made time between clients. Nature fascinates me. I love the tree with the roots wrapped around it. I always protect myself before I step out of my front door and the energy around this tree really felt like that; self-protection.

Love and light ♥ x



kate dean healing friends meeting house brighton   kate dean medium with chakra umbrella

Voluntary healing this afternoon in Brighton; so good to go back offering this again 😊

Love and light ♥ x

The Power of Meditation


kate dean mediumship meditation

Now and again I suffer from migraine headaches.

This afternoon I had to take time out and sort out my head. I couldn't keep my eyes open, I felt sick and just needed a dark room.
For me the only way I can naturally get rid of this feeling is to meditate.
I meditated for about 45 minutes. When I got back up my eyes were wide open, the sick feeling had gone and the pain in my head was better. I had that strange feeling in my head you get after a migraine but after an hour that was gone. I feel me again. 😊
I am so grateful for meditation.

Love and light ♥ x

Spiritual Healing:


I am so happy and grateful I can offer healing.

As I have progressed over the years with my Mediumship, Meditation and chakra readings the next obvious step for me was healing. I am a full member with the NFSH (National Federation of Spiritual Healing).

I decided to study with the NFSH because they were established in 1954 and are a highly recognised healing trust.

Please click on the tab which says healing to find out a lot more. x .