Being A Medium


When people find out I am a Medium, I can suddenly feel their energy change around me. I think they suddenly feel open and I am able to know everything about them or what they are thinking, they may even wonder what planet I am from! Sometimes I do know how people feel but not all the time. If this was the case I would be working constantly and that would be very tiring.

The questions I am asked from people about being a Medium are:

How did you become a Medium?

I became a Medium due to several events in my life. I can remember things happening to me and having that strong feeling of ‘knowing’ when I was in my twenties. I was busy having children so I didn’t do anything about it. Then in my forties I just had this overwhelming feeling of helping people and I couldn’t ignore my gifts any more.

How do you see people from spirit?

I see spirit like I see a memory, I don’t physically see spirit like I do when someone is standing in front of me. I like it this way because it is subtle. If I saw spirit like I see everyone else it would be too much.

How do you know its spirit and not your imagination?

It’s that feeling of just ‘knowing’ and also the energy around me changes.

Do you know what I’m thinking?

This is a common question I get as a Medium. Not all the time no. Sometimes I do if a message needs to be passed on. I certainly don’t want to be inside people’s minds all the time.

Do you get tired?

I used to when I first started out as a Medium, I didn’t know how to control the energy. I now protect and ground myself before my day starts, clear my aura regularly, meditate and I have learnt how to handle and control the energy.

If anyone is reading this and has started a spiritual direction as a Medium, I highly recommend you, protect, ground and clear yourself daily.

I love being a Medium and helping others. Yes I connect to spirit but I also help others realise what their body is telling them and what messages they are probably getting themselves but are so unaware of.

With Mediumship I am able to (I suppose wake people up) and help them realise they have a gift just like me. x.


Florie & doTerra Essential Oils


Florie enjoying the doTERRA Oils. She made me laugh, I think if she could have got into the basket she would have done. She laid there for a good five minutes with her nose on the oil's. So cute. 

            florie with doTerra essential oils 1            florie with doTerra essentiial oils 2


Florie With The Orbs



For those of you who may not know what orbs are or are unsure.
Orbs are spirit, angels or guides.
They can appear in photos, videos and sometimes you may see them with the naked eye.
I see orbs all the time. Some people say you can capture them now in photos because of the speed of the camera. I remember using a throw away camera and still capturing orbs. 
I think if spirit want to show themselves to you, they will always find a way.
Also since I have worked on my energy and do a lot of spiritual work, I see orbs more.
Orbs can be circles in your photos, grey in colour or blue, green, pink, many different colours.
Orbs can move, so you may have a white line in the photos.
So next time you take a photo or a video have a look to see if you can see any orbs. x .


Sometimes We Just Need To Slow Down


I left my seat for five minutes this morning and Florie jumped on. She is sitting next to my chakra creams made from essential oils and my essential oil spray.

Florie and I are very connected. This morning, as soon as I started to do some clearing with sage she was there. She was very vocal and rolling around in the energy I was creating.
She hasn't left my side all day and because of her I have had a very relaxing day. All she wanted was for me to sit down so she could be with me. She has helped me to relax, take it easy, read my book and look after my body. I even had a nap even though I had ten hours sleep last night. I have been talking to a lot of people lately who are very tired physically and mentally.

There are many reasons for this at the moment. One is due to solar flares from the sun which will affect you. Also, I think that at this time of year it is a good to take it slow. Animals hibernate so when I can I stay in and take it easy. Some days I really don't want to go outside and mix with everybody's energy. I'm going to post about energies soon because again I am being guided to do so.