Energies And How They Can Affect You:


When I posted about Florie and how connected we are, I said I would post about energies.

Energy is all around us. Due to the work I do, I am very much tuned into other people and the energy around me.
Have you ever walked into a room and felt the atmosphere after someone has just had an argument with someone else, or if someone is angry; you can just feel that anger pouring off them?
If you have this, it is energy that you are feeling. If you are around someone who is happy and fun, you will feel happy and fun. Again this is energy.
I have to be very careful because this can affect me immensely. I do what I have to do so that it doesn't effect me, this is called protection. I protect my energy from other people's energy.
With my readings I do energy readings, this will involve me placing my hand on the person's shoulder (that's it, that's how strong energy is)

You can wake up in a good mood and everything is going to plan :) then you either go out or someone comes round and your mood changes and you feel dreadful, grumpy, sad, annoyed, anxious, negative...(the list goes on); you have picked up that person's energy.
You may have to take the train to work; you sit or stand next to someone who is feeling anxious about something and it may rub off on you.
It is their aura mixing with your aura. If everyone could see aura’s it would really help. It's like if someone was coming at you shouting you would know to protect yourself because you can physically see it. With energy not everyone can see it or feel it. 
If your mood does change suddenly, just take a moment to see if it is your energy or someone else's. If it is someone else's, recognise it and shake it off. I talk to my guides and ask for them to take it away with love but this approach may not be for everyone or it may feel silly.

I had an experience only yesterday when I had started my morning really well. I went out in the car, got to my destination, parked the car and got out. What I had completely forgotten to do was to protect my energy from other energy before my journey.
This did not occur to me until a bit later. I walked down the road and got to where I was heading. I met some friends and sat down. My friend said to me are you OK? I answered rudely and very cold hearted (not me at all). My friend looked at me and asked what was going on with me. It wasn't until about twenty minutes later it dawned on me I hadn't protected myself before I left the house. When I parked the car and walked down the road I had picked up some energy, energy that was not very nice. I got rid of it and I was back to myself.

Some of you reading this may be experiencing this and understand it, that's great, just keep remembering it and clear energy that is not yours. Some of you may have experienced this but did not understand why, hopefully you may have a bit of an understanding now. Some of you may be reading this and have no idea what I am talking about :) that's OK also, but if your mood does change in the future and you don't know why, remember this post :) x


Moving House


I have lived in Burgess Hill, West Sussex all my life. I have only lived in three houses. The first one being my parents house, the second one being the place I moved to when I got married and the third being the one I am in now. The third house happened because my husband and I were blessed with a daughter so we wanted to move to a bigger house for our expanding family.
My husband has been in Burgess Hill, West Sussex all his life too, so when we were looking to move we weren't sure whether to stay in Burgess Hill or move away from the area. We knew we wanted to stay in West Sussex but we weren't sure if we wanted to stay in Burgess Hill.
I remember my Husband wanted to drive around West Sussex and look at all the little villages. It always sounds nice to live in a village, but I am so pleased we didn't because now we have two teenage daughters, and I know if we had lived in a village my husband and I would have been a full time taxi service.
We kept taking trips out around West Sussex but nothing grabbed us. When you go to different places you just get that knowing, there are some places in West Sussex I just know I wouldn't want to live. I just didn’t get a good feeling with a certain area. I don’t know why, but that just happens sometimes.
We had our house on the market for some time and nothing was happening. We didn't look at any houses because we were advised it wasn't worth it until we had sold ours.
I did carry on looking in the local papers but there was nothing that was either in our price range or what we liked the look of.
After what seemed months and months we gave up and thought we would stay in the house we were in.
Then weird and wonderful things started to happen.
My daughter, who was 2½ at the time, was messing about with the property news newspaper (I have no idea why). She was sitting on the floor in the lounge and I was on the sofa watching a television program, when suddenly she banged her hand down so hard on the paper it made me jump. I looked down and there it was, our house! I straight away knew what road it was in and it was still in Burgess Hill; and the price was what we were looking for. Well I was on the phone in a flash to my husband. The next day we drove past it to have a look and we both got excited. We phoned our estate agent up and said we wanted to have a look. They told us the house had just come back on the market because the previous sale had fallen through. We went and had a look and we loved it, it felt like our home already. It was the only house we looked at!
Then the problem came because we hadn't sold ours. We told the people this who we wanted to buy from, and due to their circumstances they were happy to wait.
Then about a week later we had a call from our estate agent saying a couple wanted to have a look at our house; it was six o’clock in the evening. I was getting my daughter ready for bed and the couple wanted to come round at eight o'clock. We agreed because we wanted to sell the house but I was a little put out. When they arrived I just left them to it because by this time I had had enough of showing people our home to then get a call from the estate agent saying we hadn't sold it. Any one reading this who has moved will know the stress it can cause. So anyway, I didn't do the whole smiles and please love my house bit, I just let them have a look. When they left I didn't think much about if they liked our house I just wanted to get my daughter to bed. The next day the estate agent called and we had sold our house!
From when my daughter banged her hand down on to the newspaper, drawing my attention to the house, to selling was all a bit of a dream. I do believe to this day Angels or spirits guided my daughter to do that. There is no such thing as coincidence. Oh and I forgot to say about a good five years before all of this I remember saying to my husband I would really like to live in a certain road in Burgess Hill and yes it’s the one I am in. They knew before I did. x

Signs From Above


Spirit and Angels are always sending us signs to show us that things will be ok, or that you’re on the right path. Sometimes they are even giving you the answer to a question you may have spoken to someone about, or a conversation you had with yourself.
This has happened to me several times. The first occasion was when I was driving home from the first spiritual fair where I had my own table. I was busy all day with readings. Whilst I drove home, I was looking back over the day and the readings I had done. I was thinking about whether I should start advertising myself more. Then I remembered the best way for people to find me is by word of mouth. With that thought, a van overtook me in the middle lane and on the side of the van, in big bold letters, was 'WORD OF MOUTH'. Even I couldn't believe it, I got the sign straight away and I have become busy by word of mouth.
The next sign I received was on a bus. I was driving, and was thinking how grateful I was to have my mediumship work. I love connecting with spirit and angels, and passing their messages on. I was thinking why this couldn't have happened earlier in my life and then I thought, it’s always about timing. With that thought I turned a corner and right in front of me was a bus with bold letters on the side that read 'THE TIME IS NOW'. I just smiled to myself, and after that I realised things just happen at the right time; I started trusting more and I didn't feel the need to keep trying to control things.
Spirit and Angels will send signs like this; I have had signs with songs on the radio; numbers are another way of receiving signs. If you go through a stage where you keep seeing the same number, it will definitely mean something to you.
Remember look out for the signs. x .

Spirits Looking After You


I have many experiences of spirit looking after me. The one I am guided to write about today is when my Nan passed away.

I was very close to my Nan and I spent a lot of my childhood with her.
She was a very wise lady and I loved her very much. When I was a teenager my Nan started to develop dementia and that led to Alzheimer’s. It was so sad because she couldn't remember who we were, and she thought people were trying to hurt her. When this started to happen I felt I had lost my Nan; even though she hadn't died, she wasn't the Nan I knew.
The time my Nan passed over I was out of the country, so I was unable to attend her funeral. I was so upset because I wanted to say good-bye to her. I felt she had said good-bye to me a long time ago when she started to develop Alzheimer’s.
I didn't know how to cope with my grief at the time, I couldn't cry because I felt so numb and my heart ached.
It was about a week later when my Nan came to me in my dreams. It felt like she was in my bedroom right next to my bed. I woke up crying. This was the first time I remember crying for my Nan. This experience carried on for a good couple of weeks and each time, I woke up crying. All this happened before I started doing medium work. I truly believe my Nan knew I had to go through the grieving process and she knew I couldn't do this throughout the day, so she came to me in my dreams. It felt so real. I felt so connected to my Nan.
After that experience I used to be able to smell my Nan around me. This was the first gift I remember getting with my mediumship work. I have spoken to many people who say they can smell certain things which will remind them of loved ones who have passed over. People sometimes smell a certain perfume, cigarettes, flowers etc. This is not your imagination; it’s not your mind playing tricks.
So if you are reading this and you can relate to someone visiting you in your dreams and it feels more than just a dream, it probably is; and if you suddenly smell a certain smell which reminds you of a loved one who has passed over, it’s them saying hello and looking after you. x .