A Message From Angels


Anyone who has had a reading with me, or healing, will know how I work, and know that when angels and spirit channel through me to do automatic writing, drawings and healing, my hands have a mind of their own because they take over.

Angels would like to say the following:
“People please take the time to have compassion to animals and to love and respect them, treat them how you would like to be treated. They have a soul like you and feelings. Just because they can't talk to you with words, listen to them from their eyes and body language. We have guided Kate to write about animals for you to learn and understand what they are all about. It was not to show you Kate's ability, but what animals need just as much as humans; kindness, friendship and love. They also need to be healed just as much as humans....please take time for these beautiful animals that have so much love and understanding”
Wow that's a first for me. I'm used to angels taking over my pencil but not my typing. With my mediumship angels come through when they really feel the need to get a message across, I love my job. x .



Animals Are Very Knowing


I was due to go to my sisters for the day and while I was there I was going to give some healing to one of her cats because she had been very poorly for some time. Since I have become a medium I have been given the gift of healing and this is getting stronger over time.

When I arrived, my sister's dog, a border collie, came and said hello to me. He normally says hello but on this particular occasion he was very excited to see me. He was wagging his tail, leaning on me and howling. I said hello and was stroking him, then I had to pay a quick visit to the bathroom and all the time I was in there he was outside the door waiting. He had never behaved like this before. He was generally happy to see me. I came out of the bathroom and I sat down on the sofa. I hadn't even had chance to give my sister a hug hello when he jumped up on the sofa next to me. I started stroking him and my hand got hot, so I placed it where I knew I had to and I started giving him healing. He looked at me and the eyes said it all. With my mediumship I can pick up on how people are feeling, this could be sad, happy, angry, anxious, etc. It has now started with animals. When my sister's dog looked at me, I got the message that he was waiting for me to give him healing and he was so thankful because he needed it. I asked my sister whether he had been ok and she told me he had been a bit wobbly on his legs. When I was healing him he felt sad too. Once he had all the healing he wanted he jumped down and left the room. I didn't see him after that and I didn't even get a good bye.
It was strange he seemed to know I was going to be there before I'd actually arrived; animals are so knowing, just like us humans.
Now going back to my sisters sick cat; I put my hands on her to give her healing but she didn't want it. She kept moving so my hands didn't touch her. A couple of weeks after that the cat had to be put down. It was like she had tried so hard to get better and when I offered her healing she didn't want it because she knew it was her time.
I have been back to my sisters since I gave healing to the dog and I was greeted with a quick hello and that was it. Next time he needs healing no doubt he will soon let me know. x.