chakra burgess hill mediumAs well as working with spirit and angels I can also help you by working with your chakras.

Chakras are the energy system in our bodies, every thought and feeling you have can affect the chakras and can cause them to go out of balance. When this happens it can make you feel unbalanced. Since I have worked with chakras and understood how they can affect me in my everyday life, I am able to notice the signs when they go out of balance.

An example I can share with you, relates to one of the chakras called the solar plexus. When I have to do something and I don’t feel confident about doing it my tummy can get very bloated. This is the solar plexus going out of balance because I don’t feel confident and my self esteem gets low.

Another example I can share is about the throat chakra. When I need to speak to someone and I keep putting it off because I’m conscious I may upset them or I’m not sure how to say it, I start getting a lump in my throat, or my neck and shoulders get tight. This is because I am not expressing myself.

So, because of this, the throat chakra starts to get unbalanced. These are just two examples. We have many chakras in our body. I can do a chakra reading and guide you to the tools (and people) which will help you, and help your well being.


One of the tools I use for the chakras are crystals. They can help with balancing the chakras, clearing them and also send healing to the body. I have a supply of small crystals to help with the Earth chakra, Base, Sacral, Solar plexus, Heart, Throat, Third eye and Crown chakra. I sell the eight chakra crystals in a small silk bag which you will be able to purchase at my meditation workshops and when you come for a reading. I always use crystals when I meditate. This is my own personal choice. If you don’t use crystals through meditation, it doesn’t mean you won’t be able to meditate.

I have worked with crystals since I started my mediumship work. I have learnt how to look after them, clear them and give them the respect they deserve. Crystals can give us so much so we have to look after them by clearing them and making sure they stay energised, otherwise you won’t get the best out of them. I have a supply of larger crystals that you can place around your home which can help you and even animals. If you have ever experienced buying a crystal you will know it is a very personal thing. Sometimes a crystal will just catch your eye and you will just have to buy it. You don’t know why you need it at the time but when you look up the meaning, it normally rings true.

During my readings I can give advice on which crystals will help you and how you can look after them regularly.


Also, I can give you advice on how energy can affect you in your everday life. Why is it sometimes we feel sad, angry or just plain fed up? This can be caused by other people's energy or the energy around you.

Have you ever been with someone on the phone, or in the coffee shop, and after your conversation with them the person you are talking to says "oh I feel so much better talking to you", and you feel drained? This can be because they have drained your energy.

I talk and guide about this within my readings. x.