Healing is the act of restoring balance to the mind, body and spirit. It is a therapeutic approach that is natural, non-invasive and holistic. Healing has the intention of promoting relaxation, self-healing, and it can bring a sense of peace and wellbeing on all levels.

As a healer I perform this by channelling natural healing energy sometimes known as universal energy, divine source, through my hands to the client, with the highest integrity and intent.

I cannot make a promise of a cure but through my healing I have seen many improvements with patients.

When my body and mind is balanced and in a relaxed state I have noticed I can cope with the everyday stresses of life and other people’s issues a lot more. Mentally we can get caught up with other people’s emotions, this can be very draining on our energy. When our energy gets low we can become very unbalanced. Healing can support you while you are going through personal issues or issues from others.

Here are some more issues I have found healing can help with:

- Bereavement

- Emotional sadness but don’t know why

- Stress and Anxiety

- Low self-esteem

- Sleeping problems

- General aches and pains

- Feeling angry with yourself or the rest of the world

- Struggling to make decisions

- Lack of concentration

- Run down

- Headaches

- Tension

- Childhood emotions we can carry through to adulthood

Healing is offered as complementary and can work alongside other medical treatments. As a competent healer I would never suggest to a patient to stop medical treatment without first speaking with their doctor or consultant.

What to expect:

The first healing session will always be the longest because this is the time where I get to know you and you get to know me. I feel this is very important when you are having any form of treatment. I want you to feel relaxed and have a sense of peace rather than worry. We can talk over any questions you may have regarding the healing.

The first healing appointment will be an hour for £50.00, if I feel you need longer then I will extend the time for no extra cost. After the first appointment it will be approximately forty five minutes for £35.00 and again if I feel you need longer I will extend the time for no extra cost.

The healing session will be conducted in a safe, peaceful and calm environment.

If you are able, the healing will be given on a comfortable healing couch or if you prefer you can sit on a chair. This is entirely your choice.

When receiving healing you stay fully clothed and for added comfort you are welcome to a blanket.

Healing can be given without the use of contact or with contact. This will be discussed before the healing starts.

During the healing you may experience:

- Change in temperature (hot or cold)

- Tingling sensation

- Relaxation where you may feel your body is very heavy

- Emotional relief.

You don’t have to feel any of the above, if you don’t, it doesn’t mean the healing is not working.

I get asked a lot if you need to be spiritual to receive healing. The answer is no. With healing you don’t have to have any religious belief or faith.

Other questions I get asked are:

“What if I fall asleep?” the answer is, that is fine, you do not have to stay awake for the healing to work.

“How many times do I need healing?” the answer is, it is really up to you at the end of the day but sometimes you may need more than one, it really depends on the problem or how you respond to healing.

“How do I know if healing has worked?” the answer is hopefully you will feel a difference after the healing session or if not straight away then over time. As the day’s go on you may start to feel different. I have had people who have not felt anything the first time but after some more sessions they can. Other people have felt different straight away. Everyone is different.

“Does it matter if I’m on medication?” the answer is no, healing is complementary and not an alternative to prescribed medical treatment so they can work alongside each other.

So if you feel you will benefit from healing or would like to know more about healing then please contact me via my website or by telephone 01444 847852.

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