meditation in west sussex, www.katedeanmediumship.comI started meditating in 2011. My first experience was with a small group of people. There was a lady talking us through meditation with music on in the back ground. We were sitting on chairs and we were told to concentrate on our breathing. I was concentrating so much I started breathing too quick, then I started thinking about the day I’d had and forgot about  my breathing. Strange things go around in your mind when it is silent and your mind seems extra busy and loud.

Then I started thinking about the rest of the group and wondering if they were keeping up with it all or if they were experiencing some thing that I wasn't and if I was doing it right. When I look back I was trying to hard. After the meditation class had finished I came away thinking I would like to give it another go but I was so uncomfortable sitting on the hard chair, so I didn't bother going back even though I liked the lady who was guiding me through the meditation.

After my first experience of meditation I did buy some cd's and tried to meditate at home. I bought a cd with a man guiding me on what to do because I felt if I just bought music my mind would start  getting busy and thinking what I could be doing rather than laying there wasting time trying to relax.

At this point in my life I didn't join any other groups to meditate because I felt I didn't have the time.

I carried on meditating at home (by laying on my bed, this was much comfier than a chair)  and I was slowly getting used to it, I would say it took me a good six-seven months to get the hang of it, or should I say it took me that long for my mind to stop being busy when I was trying to be silent.

About a year later I went on a chakra balancing course and we had the chance to experience meditation. This time I was laying down with a pillow and I had a blanket over me, candles where lit and it was dark. I felt very comfy. I think this is very important when you are meditating. There is no wrong or right place to meditate as long as you are comfy and warm because then you will find it easier to relax.

I really enjoyed the meditation, I felt relaxed because I trusted the person who helped us meditate. I felt very connected with angels and spirit's, I didn't realize at the time but this was the start of my mediumship. I meditated about six months later with the same person running it and yet again the experience was really enjoyable. I connected with spirit and I found it very emotional and I started crying but stayed in a meditative state. Once we had finished the meditation I felt very tired but good.

After having experienced meditation with spirit and feeling so relaxed I just wanted to meditate more and more.

I started giving myself more and more time at home to meditate and started feeling the benefits from it. When I used to get bad headaches I would take myself off and meditate; nine times out of ten after the meditation my headache was gone. Then, the days I just felt very tired and just needed to shut my eyes, I would again meditate and afterwards I would feel brighter (and ready to cook the dinner for the family).

I have now been meditating regularly for two years. The other benefits I have noticed apart from getting rid of headaches and not feeling so tired is :

It has helped with my mediumship.

Coping with life better. When you meditate it slows everything down so you become calmer. 

Less stressed. I even look less stressed after I have meditated. When everyday life get's really busy and time just passes by and I don't get time to meditate I start looking tired. At one point I even thought age was catching up with me because I looked so dark and wrinkly under my eyes. Then I'm strict with myself and meditate and the dark shadows and wrinkles start to go. 

I have more energy.

A quiet mind.

More patience. 

These are some of the benefits I have noticed. Other people may have the same or different.

What I have learnt over the years about meditation is there is no right or wrong way to meditate, it is finding what works for you. Experiment with different music what one person finds right for them, you might not. Give yourself time, you may not be able to meditate straight away. Meditate when you have got time, trying to cram it in between dashing here and there doesn't seem to work, trust me I have tried.

If you are interested in meditation and would like some guidance to get you on your way, you may want to come along to my meditation workshops. Have a look at the Workshops page to find out more about the itinerary, and the Events page to discover when the next available workshop is being held.