I adapt the reading to suit the person who is in front of me and by listening to how spirit and angels are guiding me. No two readings will be the same, and this is how it should be. Some people I have found work by visually seeing the messages and others may just need to hear them.

 The reading lasts approximately 45/60 minutes for £40.00, if the reading runs over for any reason (sometimes it does, depending on what is going on in people’s lives) I do not charge any more.

 The readings are conducted in a safe, peaceful and calm environment, by a pre-arranged booking. Additionally I now carry out online readings using Skype, or I am happy to come to you. Please feel free to get in touch if you are interested in having a reading.


Mediumship with automatic writing . . . . . . . . .  this is just some of my work.

 The first picture below was drawn by spirit to tell a lady I was doing a reading for that all was well with her baby,

who was at the time 3 months pregnant. The second picture was for the same lady some 2 months later.

kate dean medium automatic writing baby1    kate dean medium automatic writing baby2


 This image below was written by a lovely nan who channelled through me during a reading. The nan used to love to write when

she was alive and this showed through in the reading.

kate dean medium automatic writing example1


Some further random examples of what can be produced during a reading.

kate dean medium automatic writing example2  kate dean medium automatic writing example3  kate dean medium automatic writing example4

drawings of a reading with spirit