One-One Spiritual Development.

Do you think about someone and the next thing that person is texting, emailing, phoning you, or you bump into them when you are out?

Have you had a knowing that something is going to happen before it does?

Do you get goose bumps when something feels right?

These are just a few things many people experience in their everyday life.

I have come to meet many people over the last six years who have started to develop spiritually or who want to develop but not sure where or how to start.

When I ask people who work spiritually, how they protect themselves or how do they clear their energy, they just look at me blankly. This really surprises me. Like any other job there are certain rules that need to be followed. This will be shared to you within the workshops before anything else.

I am offering one-one workshops for spiritual development in a safe, comfortable and controlled environment, or we can connect on-line.

Within my readings I really encourage the individual to tap into their own ability. We are all capable in trusting our inner knowing or going with our gut. My workshops will help you to be able to do this. Get your own power back so you don’t have to rely on anybody else, as well as connecting with spirit/spirit guides and Angels.

Please have a look around my website to see how I work, if you feel connected to me and feel I can help you develop then visit News to see how you can contact me. X .


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What are they and how can they affect you physically and emotionally?

I am offering one-one workshops face to face or online, where you can learn about your chakras, how energy around you from other people and places can affect you.

This can play a huge part on how you feel and how you are coping with everyday life. I have written about this before on my website in the About me tab and my blog.

I am offering this for people who don’t necessary want a reading but want some guidance on why they feel like they do.

Working holistically for many years now has helped me with my wellbeing, learning about my chakras and energy has also helped me cope with what’s going on with me. We are in a time where we need to self-love and self-care. I know people have busy lives and are looking after everyone but themselves but at the end of the day that doesn’t help you or them. Trust me I know from experience!

When you can understand or balance your chakras you will feel charged up, calm, feel like you can take on the world and hopefully have less emotional and physical pain. Healing can also make you feel like this.

The workshop will be for 60 minutes, but for those who know me I will always carry on if I need to, with no extra charge.

I will talk through the basic 7 chakras, what they are and what they do.

Explain how the chakras effect you on an emotional and physical level.

Give you guidance on what you can do to help the chakras.

Talk to you about energy and how this can affect you and others close to you.

End the workshop with a free chakra reading.

All this for £25.00

If we are connecting on-line I do ask for payment 48 hours before via bank transfer. If I need to cancel for any reason then I will give you a full refund.


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Meditation Workshops


meditation workshopOne to one meditation workshop; or a maximum of two.

  1. We will start with talking about what you want to get from meditation.
  2. Have a guided meditation session.
  3. Have a discussion about the meditation, but you only have to share if you want to.
  4. Have another guided meditation session. 
  5. Have a second discussion where I can answer any questions you may have.
  6. Finish off the day with a chance to purchase some crystals to help balance your chakras, and to help you with meditation at home.

All you have to do is bring yourself along. I will provide everything you will need and drinks.

For a one to one meditation the cost will be £20. This will be for an hour and a half.

Please see the Events page for dates of the next scheduled workshops. x.
Below is some feedback that I received from participants of the first workshop that I held on Saturday 29th March.
"After my Meditation workshop I felt so good, I learnt how to relax and close my mind. I have always found it hard to relax but not now! I just feel different and feel I can take on the world. Thank you for helping me Kate."

"Thank you Kate, what a lovely afternoon at your Meditation Workshop. Truly wonderful experience I feel so lifted. Well worth every minute. The added exploring with crystals was fab, I have followed your guidance and placed the crystals around the home. Your CD is amazing. Overall WOW." x

"I loved every minute of it. Will highly recommend it to people, especially to people with busy lives. Kate was lovely and very calming, and welcoming. When I returned home my husband commented how relaxed I looked! Thank you Kate." x

"I went to the Meditation Workshop today. It was a wonderful experience. I was new to meditation and found the session relaxing and informative. Kate had clearly put a lot of work into making this a wonderful experience for everyone. Thank you." x